We offer disinfection, 30 day protection, and 24/7 emergency services.

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We offer disinfecting services for hotels, medical facilities, churches, nursing homes, manufacturing, universities, sports facilities, restaurants, office buildings and more. We customize our services to meet your specific needs. Ask us about daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service. 

Our product AHP biodegrades to oxygen and water. It is non-corrosive and non-bleaching, meaning it is safe for you and the environment.

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Great White Disinfecting LLC uses MediDefense‚ĄĘ Penetrexx‚ĄĘ to create a protective barrier that reduces risk of cross contamination on high touch, high risk surfaces.
 Applies chemicals in a more efficient,  and controlled manner, eliminating the dangers of overuse.
It creates a 30 day bacteriostatic coating, it’s a residual solution and an active barrier protection to protect between cleanings.
This reduces the time it takes to cover and disinfect all surfaces and hard to reach places by 50% compared to conventional methods.
Improves infection control and reduces the spread of viruses such as influenza, MRSA, HIV, H1N1, Covid-19 and many others.
We used the most advanced electrostatic technology by Victory Innovations‚ĄĘ delivering a positive double electrostatic charge on every application to wrap around all objects.
Protective barrier reduces risk of cross contamination on high touch and at risk surfaces.
Ultimately prevents costly financial burdens associated with contagious healthcare infections.
Proven to reduce ATP scores. Reduces buildup of bioburden and reduces HAI risk.

MediDefense‚ĄĘ Penetrexx‚ĄĘ Creates A Protective Barrier That Reduces Risk Of Bacterial Cross Contaminat

Cured Treatments remain effective in the presence of bleach between disinfectant applications.

Active Antimicrobial Molecule¬†‚ÄúSpike‚ÄĚ impales single-cell bacteria, destroying it on contact. Up to 30 days of durable efficacy.¬†¬†

Environmentally Friendly, non-toxic/non-bleaching, hypoallergenic antimicrobial technology.

Promotes lower ATP (adenosine triphosphate) scores.

Supports Accreditation mandates for patient protection.


We are committed to helping businesses in our community and understand that all businesses have different needs and schedules. Therefore, we make ourselves available to service you at any time of the day or night.

Great White Disinfecting

After all the surfaces in your office or facility have been thoroughly cleaned, we begin our disinfection process with the use of our hospital grade disinfectant, UVC treatment, and electrostatic spray technology.

It is with this advanced technology, the disinfectant is positively charged into a fine mist and can wrap and adhere to curved (e.g. knobs, switches, etc.) and flat surfaces providing 360-degree disinfection.

This method also allows the disinfectant to air dry without needing to be wiped away so proper dwell time will always occur, thus killing viruses, bacteria, and mold/mildew and neutralizing foul odor.

Great White Protection

Immediately following our disinfection service, we apply a biostatic protective layer to your surfaces, which is designed to inhibit growth of microorganisms and serve as an active antimicrobial barrier of protection that lasts up to 90 days.
Without this protective layer applied promptly after surfaces are disinfected, surfaces in your office or facility will be vulnerable to pathogens and re-contaminated with every touch, sneeze, or cough that occurs in the space.
With consistent no-residue disinfection from MediDefense‚ĄĘ Penetrexx‚ĄĘ this barrier will be kept in top shape and only needs to be reapplied roughly every month.
This is the final and crucial step in ensuring you and your reside in a healthy and safe space!


  • Schools
  • Community Centers
  • Healthcare ¬†Facilities
  • Government Buildings
  • Libraries
  • Fire Departments
  • Police Departments
  • Playground Equipment
  • Post Offices
  • Residentia


  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Gyms
  • Dental Offices
  • Salons
  • Movie Theaters
  • Bars

Disinfecting Available 24/7

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